Diaphragm Pump

  • Our diaphragm pumps are a bolted aluminum design
  • The diaphragm and valve balls are made of Geolast
  • The o-rings are Nitrile and the valve seats are Polypropylene.
  • A lube-free, clean, dry compressed air source
  • Fluid suction should never be smaller the the pump inlet
  • Always use a filter on the fluid suction to prevent breakdown
  • Complete units include 111-144-2 1/4" filter-regulator combo w/ pop safety


431-024-AL 1/2" Diaphragm pump with 111-144-2
431-024-4-AL Pump only 1/2 " pumps up to 17 GPM
431-025-AL 1" Diaphragm pump with 111-144-2
431-024-5-AL Pump only 1" pumps up to 42 GPM

  • Maximum temperature - 200° F
  • Maximum Air Pressure - 100 PSI
  • Dry Lift Capacity @ 100 PSI - 15 feet
  • Air Supply - Inlet 1/4" NPT-F outlet - 3/8" NPT-F
  • Viscosity and specific gravity well affect suction lift.


Our diaphragm pumps are able to pump anything that pours and are not damaged if they run dry. The Pump should be mounted in an upright position with flexible connections at the inlet and outlet to eliminate pipe strain. These pumps are self-priming and will not stall at slow speeds.

Position the fluid source as close to the pump as possible to aid in priming the pump.

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